JMD Recycling Services Inc. (JMD) is a Service Disabled, Minority, Veteran owned business that provides a variety of services from Recycling Paper, Plastic, and Cardboard, Up-Cycling of your surplus material, Total Destruction of your branded product, Waste audits, Equipment Solutions, and protecting your Brand in secondary markets.

JMD Recycling Services Inc. started in August of 2014 with the intent to bring knowledge to the customer and hand over solutions that help cut the budget and return revenue streams where they might have been missing before. JMD runs its own Recycling facility, that makes us a one stop shop for all your recycling needs.

JMD Recycling Services Inc. with over 20 years of knowledge in working with industry leaders. Has taking that knowledge and passing it on to the customer is priority #1. Customers now can have that same knowledge of the services and processes that can help to reduce your company waste and create new revenue streams, let JMD be the solution to your Recycling needs.

We are passionate about challenging the status quo! We believe in building strong relationships and not treating our customers like a number. Our small business affords us the opportunity to provide the service our customers expect. With our Nation Wide chain of vendors and downstream facilities we can help to ensure your needs are met at every step of the way.

JMD Recycling Services Inc. possesses a variety of services to suit your needs:

1. Recycling

Recycling Strategies

New Revenue Streams

2 .Reverse Logistics Tracking your shipments in real time

Consumer Returned Goods

Surplus and Factory Overruns

3. Secure Shredding Services

Total Destruction of your Branded Assets